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Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

Maximize profits for producers. To entertain the producers. Prosarich Inc. is a company that sells materials, fertilizers, and flowerpots to increase production efficiency to growers (horticultural enthusiasts and semi-professionals) over the Internet.

Providing products that improve production efficiency by working closely with flower and plant producers

We have been delivering flower pots, materials, and soil to flower and plants producers since 1974 in Tokorozawa, Saitama Prefecture, Japan. As a bridge connecting producers and consumers, and producers and flowers and plants in the field of horticulture, we provide product development and problem-solving proposals.

We will provide a product lineup that is unique to us, and prioritize customer convenience sell over the Internet.

Helping increase the added value of plants

We stand with gardeners and gardening enthusiasts across the country. Gardeners and gardening enthusiasts conduct research every day to increase productivity and grow healthy and beautiful plants. For example, when it comes to flower pots, there are slit pots that allow for very good root tension, inexpensive poly pots with 8 slits, and clay pots that dry well, each of which performs best in its environment and produces better plants. We supply materials for growing. Please try our soil (semi-hard Akadama soil, Kanuma soil). I don't think everyone will be happy with it, but those who understand it will be very well received. If you use gardening materials wisely and take good care of your plants, they will grow vigorously, keep hobbyists happy and satisfied, and growers will make a profit. We will continue to envision a prosperous future together with gardeners, gardening enthusiasts, and plants that grow healthily.

Typical products

Our main products are flowerpots, materials, soil, and fertilizers. At any given time, we have approximately 1,100 products in stock and are used by professionals, semi-professionals, and general hobbyists. In particular, our retail sales of professional orchid-related materials such as Fukiranchi, Spring orchid, and Western orchid, plastic pots, easy pots, and materials for succulent plants have been well received. We also have a variety of high-quality bonsai tools, mainly exported overseas.

Company Information

orchid flower

About Prosarich Inc.

In 1974, we started the retail and wholesale business of flowerpots in Tokorozawa. We started Yahoo Auctions in 2002, and began full-fledged online sales in 2004.

We withdrew from the wholesale and retail business in 2012 and are now evolving into our "second founding". For over 48 years, we have been delivering flower pots, gardening materials, and soil to customers all over Japan and around the world.

In 2018, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the fourth gardening boom since the Showa era has arrived, and we have set the course for business expansion to make further progress.

With reasonable pricing, a wide selection of products, and a stable supply of products in mind, we will continue to help people find fulfillment in growing their children, appreciate food, and heal from greenery, which all lead to happiness.

Regarding the origin of the company name, "Pro" means PRODUCER (horticulture/agricultural producer) or PROPERTY (earth), and "Rich" means RICH (profitable/fertile). The company name incorporates the desire to make horticultural and agricultural producers profitable and the fertility of the land.

Management Policy

- Create a fan base that resonates with us through a product lineup that is unique to us.
- Become a special company to customers with a wide variety of product choices and product lineups with individual themes.
- Gain customer support with time-consuming sales methods and time-consuming delivery methods.
- Emphasis on market research ability (empathy) and product planning ability (realization ability)

We always set reasonable prices, keeping in mind "enriching the future" rather than "immediate profits". We constantly listen to the voices of our employees, the public, and our customers, improve our services, increase the number of products we offer, and develop products. We have created a logistics system that allows for stable supply of products and immediate delivery, so that we can satisfy our customers by preparing fan-like products that don't sell well.

Company Profile

Company Name Prosarich Inc.
Address 1-18-1 Higashi-Ikebukuro Toshima Tokyo 170-0013 JAPAN
Telephone Number (81)3-6773-7841
FAX Number (81)3-6893-8982
Home Page
CEO Yoshiaki Machida
Business Details Planning and sales of general gardening materials


1974 Established as a private business as Tokorozawa Flower Pot Center
1980 Registered as Tokorozawa Flower Pot Center Limited Company.
1984 New office building completed.
1993 Moved 30 meters due to land lease.
2003 Moved to current location 1360-4 Shimotomi, Tokorozawa City.
2005 Started online mail order sales.
Opened on Yahoo Auction Store.
2006 Opened a store on Rakuten Market.
Launched our own website
2010 Opened on Amazon Store.
2011 Opened on Bitters Store.
2012 Real store sales ended.
2014 Bitters store withdrawal
Opened on Ponpare Mall.
2018 Renovate the system (Cloudization, Paperless delivery notes)
2019 Opened on au Wowma store.
Ponpare Mall store closed.
2021 Rakuten Tokorozawa Agricultural Materials Center store opened
2022 Company website opened
KAMEGANE Warehouse opened
Started accepting orders using RPA
Company name changed to Prosarich Inc.
2023 Yahoo! Shopping store closed
au Wowma store closed
Automatic ordering system in operation
2024 Cross-border EC site opened
Shimotomi warehouse expansion
Celebrating 50th anniversary of founding
Number of followers on official Instagram exceeds 10,000 people.

Features of Prosarich Inc.

01 Do not overpack and do not generate garbage
02 Issue PDF receipts and avoid using paper
03 Daytime electricity is generated in-house

01 Shipment within 24 hours of order
02 Wide range of rare and valuable products
03 Affordable price

01 Traditional gardening pot
02 Original pot/original soil
03 Small sale, set sale

Contact Information

Prosarich Inc.

Planning and sales of gardening materials

Contact Us

PHONE : (81)3-6773-7841


SOCIAL MEDIA : Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter(X)/ Threads

Access & Map


Hareza Tower 20F WeWork
1-18-1 Higashi-Ikebukuro Toshima Tokyo 170-0013 JAPAN


4 minutes walk from

- East Exit 35 of JR Line Ikebukuro Station

- Narita Express Ikebukuro Station

- Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line, Yurakucho Line, Fukutoshin Line Ikebukuro Station

- Seibu Railway Ikebukuro Line Ikebukuro Station

- Tobu Railway Tobu Tojo Line Ikebukuro Station

Please enter from the main entrance on the 1st floor of Hareza Tower, go up to the 7th floor, then change elevators to the 20th floor.

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Tokoname pot

48 pages
tokoname pot

Hand-painted pots

40 pages

Hand-painted pots

Bonsai Tools

10 pages
Bonsai Tools
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